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SmartLegalForms vs.LegalZoom

Posted by Richard Granat on

LegalZoom is a legal document preparation web site. This means that a non-lawyer reviews your documents for spelling errors and other minor inconsistencies but because it is not a law firm LegalZoom cannot provide you with legal advice. You pay a high price for a review service that simply checks to make sure that you have answered every question and that you have spelled your name correctly.

The forms that you purchase from SmartLegalForms are the same forms you would get from LegalZoom except the price is substantially less. The legal form content of our forms are drafted by attorneys and our forms are also used by attorneys in their practice throughout the United States.

We stand behind our legal forms with a 100% guaranteeIf you are not satisfied with the legal form or document you purchased, please let us know within three (3) days of the date of purchase, and we will promptly refund your money, no ifs, ands, or buts.

We provide our legal forms to thousands of law firms and also to non-lawyer providers such as NextGenJustice  through our other marketing programs, but the lowest price is through this Web Site.  

If you need legal advice bundled with your legal forms, try our network of on-line virtual law firms for low pricing. If you don't need legal advice, and can follow instructions carefully, your lowest cost solution is to purchase one of our smart legal forms.

We call our legal forms "smart legal forms" because they are powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence engine that selects the correct text based on the answers to your questions in an on-line questionnaire. Once you complete answering the questions, your documents are instantly created ready to download. There is no waiting or further delay.

Our forms include detailed execution or step by step instructions to enable you to represent yourself where it is appropriate to do so. This is the lowest cost way for you to solve your legal problem.

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