The Secret of How to Incorporate Your Business or Organize Your LLC for Free

40 states now support many of the activities required to establish and maintain your corporation or limited liability company. These activities include: online filing to create a corporation or limited liability company, reserving a corporate name, filing annual reports including naming a resident agent, and other corporate functions.

Filing online means that you simply complete and submit a free online form. This is what online incorporation services, such as LegalZoom, actually do, but they charge you a fee for doing this work (which you could easily do yourself).

If you are a resident of the state where your business is incorporated, you can be your own resident agent. Just insert your name and address in the resident agent section of the incorporation form when you complete the online form.

Why pay annual resident agent fees, which can range from $159.00 to $199.00 a year, when you can be your own resident agent for free?

Here is a list of all of the states that support free online filing. For the states that do not support online filing, you can use our forms to complete your application and submit by mail. Note: You still have to pay the required filing fee.