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There are many Web Sites where a consumer or small business can either purchase online legal advice for a flat fee or access online legal advice for free. These Web Sites are directories of law firms that have become members of that particular Web Site and offer services through that Web site. The legal advice that you get is only as good as the lawyer's providing the legal advice, so it is wise to examine the particular lawyer's credentials and areas of expertise.

This Web Site offers a Directory of Virtual Law Firms that offers legal advice for a fixed fee. Some firms within this Directory will offer legal advice for free either by e-mail or telephone. Sponsored by DirectLaw, our affiliate company, this Directory is unique because the law firms deliver legal services directly online and for a fixed and affordable fee.

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Every major state is represented in our Directory and almost all areas of law practice.

Have a Legal Question: 

Try JustAnswer for a quick answer from an an attorney for a reasonable fee.

Other Online Legal Advice Web Sites:

AVVO- offers discussions forums where lawyers provide generalized answers to users' legal questions. AVVO also offers an online fixed fee legal advice service for $39.95 a phone call. The service is called AvvoAdvisor.

FindLaw Answers - Questions answered by lawyers publicly through discussion boards. More generalized legal information, than legal advice. Service exists to generate leads for law firms in the FindLaw Directory. - one of the first legal advice Web sites. Questions answered through discussion groups. More like information - than real legal advice. - a question and answer Web site that answers "legal information" questions not "legal advice", by lawyers, for a fixed fee of up to $30.00 . Very popular service. 100% Guaranteed.

LawDingo - Offers legal advice by video chat. Charged by the minute.

LawGuru - Offers free legal information/advice from attorneys in a chat room format.

LawHelp - legal information Web sites in every state supported by the US Legal Services Corporation. Some sites have legal advice functions.

LawZam - Offers free legal advice by video chat.

If you have a Web site that offers free or paid legal advice and you want to be listed here, send us a note through our support portal.