Residential Lease With an Option to Purchase - SmartLegalForms
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Residential Lease With an Option to Purchase

This is a standard lease for residential property, with provision for the tenant to exercise an option to buy the property on terms set by the landlord. The form contains questions concerning the property being leased, the landlords, and the tenants.

This is an Interactive Form. You will be able to access the form by clicking on the link in the email that is sent to you immediately after purchase. You will then complete an easy-to-use on-line questionnaire and generate a state-specific legal form that fits your circumstances. You can take as long as you need and access the questionnaire as many times as necessary.

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  • Ability to print your legal form instantly after document assembly;
  • Step-by-step instructions, in addition to your assembled form, to help you file or execute your documents correctly;
  • Ability to edit your legal form at any time;
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  • Help screens to help you answer every question correctly;
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