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Florida Divorce Forms With Children

All of the forms you need to file an uncontested divorce in Florida. Use these forms if you have minor children. Includes detailed step-by-step instructions.

Requirements to Use the Florida Divorce With Children

  1. At least one of the parties has maintained residency in Florida for at least the 6 months prior to filing.
  2. The parties agree on all details, or at least make no objections.
  3. There are minor children, adult dependent children, and/or the Wife is pregnant.
  4. A Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) will be signed by both parties and filed in court.
  5. The parties acknowledge that a Parenting Plan is required for all divorce actions involving minor children. It will be submitted at the time of initial filing or prior to final judgment of divorce. (This document is included for free with the purchase of the divorce).

You should have a Marital Separation Agreement (MSA) in order to make your divorce "uncontested." Your MSA also becomes part of the official record. Note that some states require an MSA as part of an uncontested divorce filing. 

You can purchase a Marital Separation Agreement here.

FAQ on Marital Separation Agreements

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How Our SmartLegalForms Work

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This product includes:

  • 100% SmartLegalForms Guarantee
  • Ability to print your legal form instantly after document assembly
  • Step-by-step instructions, in addition to your assembled form, to help you file or execute your documents correctly
  • Ability to edit your legal form at any time
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  • Help screens to help you answer every question correctly
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